Nico and Daniela pre-wedding pizza party in Otranto

In the beautiful town of Otranto, Puglia, a unique pre-wedding celebration unfolded, marking the eve of the union of two famous TikTokers from Switzerland. Planned by the renowned wedding planner Mara D’Onghia, this was no ordinary gathering but a meticulously organized, exceptionally fun pizza party that captured the essence of Puglia through its colors, style, and choice of foods.

This lively couple, along with their child, embraced the joyous occasion with their closest family and friends, adhering to a chic white dress code. The event was a perfect prelude to their wedding, reflecting their fun-loving personalities and setting the stage for the beautiful ceremony to follow.

Mara D’Onghia’s expertise ensured that every detail, from the vibrant decorations to the delicious selection of pizzas, celebrated the culture of Puglia. This unforgettable evening was not just a testament to the couple’s love but also a celebration of Italian hospitality and traditions, enjoyed in the company of those closest to them.

Wedding planner: @m_weddingandevents
Flower: Flower addicted
Concept and styling: @m_weddingandevents
Photo: @amarilis_photography
Grafic design: @finedesignstudio_
Flowers: @flower_addicted_angelica
Venue: @masseria_muntibianchi
Music and entertainment : @rinaldievents
Textile: @lechiccherie_
Rental and lights: @itinera_events
Ice cream Station: @cicciopastigel
BarCatering: @joebarcatering

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