Ashley and Kyle’s luxurious destination wedding at Belmond in Fiesole, Florence

Ashley and Kyle, from Miami, chose the exquisite Belmond hotel in Fiesole for their destination wedding, a venue renowned for its breathtaking views over the rolling hills surrounding Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance. This luxury wedding combined elegance and sophistication with a touch of glamour for both the bride and groom, embodying the timeless beauty of their romantic setting.

The wedding was flawlessly organized by the Italian Wedding Event agency, with Francesca leading the planning for this special day. Her expertise ensured that every detail, from the venue to the ceremony and celebrations, reflected Ashley and Kyle’s vision of an elegant and memorable wedding.

Set against the panoramic backdrop of Florence, their wedding was a celebration of love, beauty, and the joy of bringing together family and friends in one of the world’s most enchanting locations. Ashley and Kyle’s choice of Fiesole’s Belmond hotel highlighted their desire for a wedding that was not only luxurious but also immersed in the rich history and art of the Renaissance city.

The couple’s special day was a perfect blend of glamour, sophistication, and the breathtaking beauty of Florence, making it an unforgettable celebration of their love and the beginning of their life together.

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