I want my photos to be pure emotions

I don’t like posing or asking you to repeat a gesture since my shot is just perfect. That’s not what I’m looking for. I want them to be impulsive and authentic as I am. When two persons are in love it’s very easy to catch a gesture, a glance, a smile. Looking at a picture, you can live a feeling, a moment of pure joy, an emotion, a wait again. I want you to be spontaneous and have fun. Wedding reportage let me explore my idea of spontaneity. Working with other people or attending workshop, looking around and doing research: that’s what I do to kindle my passion every day.

My philosophy is that, during a reportage, a photographer should have a twofold attitude: be invisible and move swiftly in order to be aware of every single moment of the ceremony; at the same time, be inside the wedding, taking part emotionally as an old good friend of the newlyweds. I do often get emotional, hiding behind the viewfinder. I want to fix the eternity of that moment of happiness, as Henry Cartier Bresson used to say. Love is all…just love each other unconditionally.


The weave and the warp, two threads that meet, intersect, knit, indissolubly and generate beautiful weaves, a precious lace, unique and unrepeatable, priceless!
How the knot of a lace is the meeting of two souls who cross and fall in love and continue their life together .. this is love according to me!
A precious and priceless lace that will be handed down from mother to daughter as the tradition of the outfit imposes on us southern women fairs.


"Cada persona que pasa por nuestra vida es ùnica. Siempre deja un poco de si y se lleva un poco de nosotros. Habra los que se llevaran mucho, pero no habra de los que no nos dejaràn nada.
Esta es prueba evidente de que dos almas no se encuentran por casualidad."