I’m Marilisa

professional photographer specialized in destination wedding.
I work in Europe and everywhere in the world there is a love story to tell.
I can grasp the cultural nuances of different ethnic groups thanks to the linguistic mastery acquired abroad.
I will know how to anticipate each phase of your religious or symbolic rites by capturing details, otherwise invisible to the common photographer.

The most common terror of the spouses is to be forced into artificial poses and not have all the time available to spend with loved ones, with me this will not happen!
I will enhance you in your way of being, without you being able to notice my presence, I will tell your love story by creating an unpublished documentary reportage and with a creative vision, which beyond the technical aspect, will put the accent on emotions and feelings, captured in their maximum authenticity, without interfering in the normal course of events.

My photographic vision is authentic, elegant and vibrant, but always familiar, with a feminine and romantic touch, in a word: unconventional!

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I know that I have just some second of your attention so get comfortable , take a drink and enjoy this mini journey through love, today of others, maybe, yours tomorrow!


I’m not a typical wedding photographer, I want work depth for you, beside you.I need to get in touch on empathy.

I cannot promise you perfect pictures of your wedding day, pose is not real,but i will put my heart to create a unique and authentic photos, without disturb you in your special day.
It’s important that you will spend the day with friends and families, not with me. I will stay with you, this is different.
If you look for static and classic photos, I’m notright person. Contrariwise, if you want true emotions and spontaneous smiles and hugs, caught in your photos, with a touch of glamour…I’m a perfect choice for you!

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