Where are you based?
I'm based in Southern Italy, in Apulia, but I'm on the road most of the time.
I document weddings in Tuscany, Sicily, Noth Italy, France, Switzeland, London, Greece, Mexico, Hong Kong, New Zeland, Spain, Iceland and so on.
Write us for your wedding destinaion in Europe & worldwide.
Do you travel for weddings and other sessions?
I love destination weddings and I have no geographical limits nationally or internationally! There is no place too far.
I love elopement weddings on mountains or by the sea, intimate Iceland weddings, industrial wedding locations, messy hair and dirty shoes, wild and romantic couples.
I’m a backpacker and I would love to travel the world.
I’ll estimate my travel costs, keeping it as low as I can.
How far do you willing to travel?
How deep and crazy is your love?
We can follow you on a Safari in Africa, we can sleep in the tent in desert of Morocco and look up the stars together, we can hit the road by car to find hidden and wild places in Canary Islands or in Patagonia (Argentina).
If that is what you love most, we can dedicate our time and our passion to tell your story, as good friends do.
Do you work alone or with a second photographer?
I do usually work with a second photographer, since they are my extended arm and mind.
However it will depend on the occasion, in any case we will evaluate together.
How and when do we book you?
As soon as your decision is made, please contact me.
I don’t have more than a wedding booked on the same day or same week-end, I prefer to have one job a day and dedicate myself entirely to my clients.
You can email us on amarilisphotography@gmail.com or you can fill out the form on the CONTACT page. It only takes a minute to complete it and tell me your dreams!
I work on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve your wedding date, we require a retainer fee and a signed agreement, which can all be done online.

How do you describe your style?
Reportage with a touch of romance!
Capturing moments among people with minimal intervention and maximum emotional commitment.
I strive to give you a realistic but at the same time dreamy photos from a modern artistic viewpoint.
My style is very laid back and casual. I love catching real emotion.
How do you dress at weddings?
It is essential for me not to draw attention to the day of your wedding.
I dress according to the occasion of the party, so I can blending me between the guests.
Do you work only at weddings?
Mainly I am a wedding photographer because I love them.
But I also love making portraits, catching shades of people in love, in any form: two lovers, a mother with her child, a person with eyes full of love for life and for the world.
What kind of weddings do you shoot?
Elopement, Rehearsal dinner, Pizza Party, Wedding Day, After Wedding, Pre-Wedding, Engagement, Couple Shooting, Family stories, Vow Renewal, Travel, Intimate weddings, Wedding proposal, Honeymoon, Elopement wedding, Intimate session.