Hi! I am Marilisa and I’m a wedding and love-story photographer. I was born in Apulia, in the south of Italy, but I only feel at home just in the world. Travelling is my passion, my aim, my goal. Photography gives me the opportunity to travel and do what I love at the same time, capture emotions and get to know different people and cultures. I’m a very simple person. I’m not so good at expressing myself with words, but I prefer to communicate with my pictures. Well…studied details enchant me. I fall in love with a magical light, light draws everything, two hands searching each other, a glance meeting another. I love to be lost in genuine and true feeling. I love Nordic style and South American passion, flowers and do-it- yourself stuff, cooking and eating pasta, drinking a good red wine and coffee.

I’m a real southern soul. People in love with each other are my inspiration and my passion. Love makes the world go round! That’s why I love to take pictures of persons and weddings. When lovers tell me how they met, how their love was born, and how their love-story looks like, they make me fall in love with their love. I met photography for the first time in my college years. A reflex camera was my gift when I graduated. Taking photos became a job when, in my early adulthood, I was wondering what I was supposed to do with my life and what made me happy. The answer was to translate into images my idea of love. I’m excited when I shoot intimate wedding, a few people and an unusual location, unconventional marriage or traditional, simple and elegant ceremony. Simplicity and ease are keys for a successful wedding reportage and for life. “Less is more” I use to say.