About Me

I'm Marilisa, a professional photographer specialized in destination wedding reportage.
I work in Europe and everywhere in the world there is a love story to tell.
I was born in southern Italy, where I studied art history. I feel at home only when I travel. Traveling I learned to grasp the nuances of different cultures and traditions, rites of different religions. I am a very simple and friendly, a little shy but very generous. For this reason I need to empathize deeply with the couple to feel free to express myself and my view of love.
Life should be enjoyed in the small and simple joys: waking up with the smell of coffee, the sea in winter, a new leaf appear on a plant, cooking pasta, talk with friends around the fire, see two hands intertwining secretly under the table, the wonder in front of a beautiful painting, two glances looking for each other in the crowd and many other beautiful things that are present in my photographs, because by telling your story you can catch a glimpse of mine too.


Emotions and feelings are everywhere, but not everyone can see them, that’s reason it takes an expert eye that has the grace to be able to catch and interpret them in an evocative way.
I don’t like posing, I don’t looking for the perfection because it’s not real! Photographer should have a twofold attitude: be invisible and taking part emotionally as an old good friend of the newlyweds. I want to leave a lasting trace of the beauty that the human being is able to generate and to do so I create photographs that document the extraordinary of life.

My manifest:

I strongly believe in:
• I believe in the beauty of this world and that it can be protected for future generations
• I believe in love, the true one, free from prejudice
• I believe in sharing and caring for genuine relationships.
• I believe in kindness.
• I believe that every human being is unique and must be interpreted
• I believe that each of us can make a difference
• I believe in the light that shapes everything and always lets us glimpse what we yearn for.